East Eden Trading Company

Quality goods at affordable prices for your Eve needs

Welcome to the East Eden Trading Company! This is New Eden's premier one-stop shop for capsuleers who prefer to spend their time in game doing things they enjoy, rather than hassling with importing and buying the ships they need to enjoy their game.
Using our service is as easy as compiling a list of the items you would like delivered to you, deciding on the location where you would like to have those items delivered to, and sending us that list via the form below. That's it! Sit back and relax as our team of experts takes it from there. Within the next 24 hours we will reach out to you with a quote on your order to get your approval. After you give us the go-ahead your items will be compiled, shipped, and contracted directly to you at your desired pickup location hassle free. It's that easy!
Services offered:
  • Order fulfillment up to 5bil
  • Null > Null shipping to and from any of our drop off locations
  • Doctrine seeding for corp and sig locations upon request
  • Market seeding and restocking upon request
If you would like to request an additional location for delivery or place a single order over 5bil, please reach out to Ventra Valar in-game or on Discord.

Our Team

We work tirelessly around the clock to serve you!
Ventra Valar
Kage Valar